Squire Boone Caverns

We took our children to Squire Boone Caverns this weekend. We wanted to do something fun with them before we left for Baltimore. It was a lot of fun.

squire boone-4

squire boone-21

squire boone-26

Squire Boone was Daniel Boone’s younger brother.  He was a Baptist minister.  He actually was buried in the cave.  Here is a picture of his tomb stone.  His bones were laid in a coffin right next to the tomb stone.

squire boone-14

squire boone-22

squire boone-33

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Our Children

Here are the final pictures of our children.  I think Sarah is happy with them – the pictures I mean!  She is usually pretty happy with the kids…





The picture Sarah liked the best as far as background, etc. was the one with Hudson and Calvin in the doorway.  We settled on getting the girls pictures there as well.  Calvin’s pictures from the previous day were not as good so we retook them and they turned out better.  Here is the one we like the best.  It is a cute pose with his hands crossed.

calvin's 5 year portraits-5

Abby also did great and of course looks beautiful.

abby's 6 year portraits-5

Lydia was not as cooperative!  This is about the best shot we could get.  For some reason she was scared to stand there alone.  I have no idea why.  We tried everything with no success.  Oh well.  I wish I was better at photoshop to take her face and change it out with a happier version.

Lydia's 2 year portraits-3

She was happy everywhere else…

Lydia's 2 year portraits-3-2

Lydia's 2 year portraits-5

our girls 7-2008-3

Here they all are.  Both Sarah and I are truly thankful for the children which the Lord has given us.  Words cannot express how thankful we are.

Turner Troupe 7-2008-2

A few days later we spent some time with the Wolters and Abby said goodbye to Emmie.


Handsome Young Men!

Continuing taking pictures.  Here are a few of the boys.

Calvin & Hudson Portraits-3

Calvin & Hudson Portraits-7

Calvin & Hudson Portraits-20

Calvin & Hudson Portraits-10

Calvin & Hudson Portraits-11

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Having a Catch

Ironically, Abby is the most excited about having a catch.  Calvin is just not quite into it yet.  He has no context for baseball – he has never seen a game played – so it is a little hard.  Hopefully after we move we will drive up and catch a Phillies game or maybe even try to catch an Orioles game in Baltimore.  We will see.

play ball 6-2008-2

play ball 6-2008-3

Lydia is always ready to pose.

play ball 6-2008-1

Family Portraits

I have been promising Sarah that I would take the kids pictures since it has been a year since we have taken their last pictures which are hanging up on our wall.  It was not the most successful time to say the least.  However, we did get a few good shots.  Here they are.

portraits 6-2008-9

Here Abby is picking flowers.  There were some nice patches of flowers, but thorns intermixed.  I couldn’t really get the kids into there for a picture.  It would have been nice minus the thorns.

portraits 6-2008-20

portraits 6-2008-5

portraits 6-2008-1

Lydia was adorable carrying some rocks and her little basket for a tea party.

portraits 6-2008-15

This is our favorite shot.  Abby just turned around to give Lydia a little talking to and I caught it.  I wish I had gotten more of Abby’s face, but considering how fast it happened I am glad I caught it at all.

portraits 6-2008-11

It is next to impossible to get four young children to pose in a group photo and have them all looking, smiling, and cooperating.  This is the result.  It is okay.  We are going to try again some time soon to get some better ones.  There are more on flickr.

portraits 6-2008-7

This past Saturday we celebrated Calvin’s fifth birthday in outer space.  here is the whole crew of astronauts.  They all had a good time and Calvin was glad for their company on this dangerous missions.

Calvin's B-day-17

Calvin's B-day-9

Calvin: space warrior

Calvin's B-day-3

Calvin's B-day-5

Calvin's B-day-6

Calvin's B-day-21

Calvin's B-day-16

Calvin's B-day-4

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